About us

Cambrian Medical Inc. is a premier supplier of high quality Ophthalmic and Surgical Instruments and Products. We supply Ophthalmic and Surgical Products to hospitals, doctors, universities and laboratories in the Ophthalmology, Research and Medical fields across the globe. Cambrian Medical Inc. markets its products in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our offices are located in the USA and our products are sold to end-users through a network of distributors as well as directly through our online store. 
All the product lines marketed by Cambrian Medical are FDA approved and CE marked. They are manufactured to exact specifications and are of the highest precision and quality. Surgical instruments are made of high quality, medical grade stainless steel or space age titanium. Our line of Disposable Blades, Knives and Spears for Ophthalmology are made in the USA and most of our instruments for the Research and Lab field are made in Germany.